Personal Chef Service

First, you will meet Ali for a consultation, where you will 

go over an assessment form to determine your likes, dislikes, preferences, and dietary requirements of dishes to be prepared in your home. At this time, Ali will also become familiar with your kitchen and learn what additional equipment she may need to
bring along. After this initial meeting, Ali will research and customize a menu according to your specifications. 
On the planned date, Ali will arrive at your home after shopping for the freshest ingredients available. She will then prepare multiple meals, package them in individually portioned containers, provide re-heating directions, clean up, and leave your home with a clean kitchen and healthy, delicious meals. 

Menu Planning

You will receive weekly menus, grocery lists, and
 recipes planned around your specific dietary requirements
 and taste preferences emailed directly to you. 

Private Cooking Class

Your very own one-on-one instructional cooking class, where
 I will provide you with new cooking skills, teach you tricks
and techniques, open you up to new ideas, and provide
fresh, creative recipes.

Interactive Cooking Class

Your group will learn how to prepare a themed menu 
while watching and participating in cooking
demonstrations led by Ali.

Cooking Demonstration

Ali will demonstrate a themed menu for recreational
or corporate groups. Invite your friends over for a
demonstration in your home, fitness club, or work office!

Grocery Tour

Ali will take you on a tour around your local grocery
 store and teach you how to make healthy choices and
 shop more efficiently.

Grocery Shopping Service

With a list of necessities and desires, Ali can take some of the stress away from your already busy schedule with her grocery shopping service; all purchased, delivered and organized in your pantry and refrigerator for you.

Errand Service

Do you already have a fully packed schedule with no time for personal errands? Give Ali a list of tasks to complete for you with her errand running service. Sometimes we can all use a little help!

Kitchen Organization
Ali will organize your entire kitchen for you and will purchase new supplies as needed.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates can be used for any of the services listed above.
Each certificate expires 3 months after date issued. 
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