Client Testimonials

"Ali puts the 'Personal' in Personal Chef!!!  I was first introduced to Ali two years ago when seeking a way to help my parents as my Mom was no longer able to cook for herself and my Dad. What was originally a one month gift has now become a weekly source of nourishment and support for my parents. It is deeply comforting to my brother and me to know that Ali's cheerful and generous touches continue to fill a valuable space in their home and hearts! Ali has become a member of our family!

Ali has also cooked for me over the past year and a half.  After a 12 hour day I can't tell you how wonderful it is to come home and pull out one of the satisfying and healthy meals Ali has prepared for me. As I have experimented with various healthy lifestyles (Paleo, gluten free, dairy free, etc) Ali has worked right alongside me to support my health goals!! She is so generous in sharing recipes and offering healthful and creative tips! The only challenge I often face is what to eat first as it is all so yummy! I recently had major surgery and was unable to shop and cook for myself for two months. Ali went above and beyond by making sure my freezer was stocked with my favorites and she did all my grocery shopping. In addition to the delightful aromas of Ali's cooking, my home is always a little more cheerful after Ali has cooked!"

"We have been working with Ali for a number of years and continue to love all she does. The food is great and she is extremely flexible. I have recommended her to colleagues who also love her. Our family is also healthier as a result of her well planned meals and snacks. Before, we would often eat out and now we save time, money and calories." 

           - Jay 

 “In addition to consistently preparing appealing, healthy, and very tasty meals on time and efficiently, Ali continues to demonstrate easy adaptability and flexibility. She brings professional versatility by preparing not only her menu lists, but any that are requested by her clients. Recommending Ali is a pleasure.”

        - John

"We are thrilled to have found Ali! Each week she prepares a variety of healthy and delicious meals for our family based on our specific dietary needs and preferences. She is professional, trustworthy, organized, flexible, and always smiling! She leaves our kitchen sparkling and our refrigerator stocked with beautifully prepared meals. We could not recommend her more highly!"

 -Anna & Jon Farrin

"Ali is an amazing chef who really focuses on the wants and needs of her clients. It is such a joy to come home from work and serve a healthy and tasty dinner in 15 minutes! She is the best!"


"We love Ali!! Her meals not only taste incredible, but she caters every meal selection to our personal preferences and taste.  As a family of 6, our schedules never slow down.  In the past we would eat out 5-6 dinners a week AND overspend on groceries that we would end up throwing away because we never ended up eating them.  Now, not only do we save money on groceries and not eating out, but our meals are healthy and super easy to make. Ali is a great investment and we couldn't be happier with her services!"

       -Tyree & Brad

"Ali started cooking for us over two years ago and now it's difficult to imagine a time when she didn't.  Originally we intended to hire her to get through a period of recovery from surgery, but it worked out so well that we decided life was much easier with her cooking for us. We thought it would be cost prohibitive, but we find that without buying extraneous groceries that we end up throwing away or eating out as frequently, it actually is very cost effective.

We tend to like a lot of variety in the types of food we eat, and Ali is always willing to experiment with new recipes that we give her.  That is a true benefit because it prevents us from getting bored with our meals.  We have also had her cook for family parties and holiday gatherings which has really helped at those stressful times.

Ali is a delight to work with and wants her clients to be happy with the food she prepares.  She is always open to feedback and making adjustments if needed.  We feel fortunate to have discovered her and recommend her services wholeheartedly."


"I have had the pleasant experience of utilizing the talents of Alison Kaplon for several functions at my home, and in every case the results were overwhelmingly successful. There are two particular examples I would consider to be outstanding, although all my dealings with her have always been rewarding. 

A couple whom I had not seen in many years were traveling through town and I thought it would be more personal to have dinner at home, as opposed to a restaurant. I chose to hire Alison as a personal chef, therefore allowing me more time to spend with my friends. Alison and I discussed possible menu items for appetizers, salads, main course and the dessert. In each area, she offered a nice variety to choose from, along with the option of making some alterations to the list. Once we agreed on a menu, she provided me with a price quote. Additionally, she took the time to assist me with a time schedule and she also took inventory of all my serving pieces. By utilizing my serving pieces, it added an additional personal touch at the table. The evening turned out to be quite successful, with Alison's selections and culinary skills being the highlight of the night. 

On another occasion, I utilized Alison's talents for a wedding reception that I hosted. Alison and I met early on and once she had the particulars of the evening, she immediately advised me of her suggestions. The food selection ranged from baked goods, to fresh fruit to seafood and more. As it was on Valentine's Day, she even added a few romantic touches, such as rose patterned napkins and heart shaped baked goods. Again, she used some of my serving pieces along with some of her own. The presentation was first rate, only to be upstaged by the quality of the foods served. 

Alison utilizes fresh ingredients in her meals and selects only the best quality of available foods when shopping. She is organized, punctual, neat and efficient. She communicates well with her clients and offers suggestions and ideas that enhance the event. I consider Alison a culinary professional and master of her trade. The final results of her efforts are the true testimonial of Alison Kaplon's talents."

- Robert L. Rodriguez

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